Programming Distribution List

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Distribution List
Distribution Mailbox

Setting Up a Distribution List

Assign a Distribution Mailbox and set up a list.

  1. 4221-01: Routing Mailbox Type [Voice Mail: Routing Mailboxes: Routing Mailbox: Setup (4221): Mailbox Type]
    Use this option to assign an available Routing Mailbox as a Distribution Mailbox (4).
    • By default, there are no Distribution Mailboxes defined.
    Option Description
    0 None.
    1 Call Routing Mailbox (Default for Routing Mailboxes 801-808).
    2 Announcement Mailbox (Default for Routing Mailboxes 809-832).
    3 Directory Dialing Mailbox.
    4 Distribution Mailbox.
  2. 4225-01: Distribution List [Voice Mail: Routing Mailboxes: Routing Mailbox: Distribution List (4225): Extension]
    If a Routing Mailbox is assigned as a Distribution Mailbox, use this option to enter member extensions into the Distribution List. The list can have 20 (01-20) member extensions.
    You can also create a Distribution List from the System Administrator's Mailbox.
    Option Description
    Digits Extension number (up to 20 per list).
    UND [Default] Undefined (entered by pressing CLEAR).