Subscriber Mailbox

The mailbox type normally used for telephone system extensions.
Programming for this Feature
Programming a Subscriber Mailbox


A Subscriber Mailbox is the type of mailbox assigned to a telephone system extension. The telephone assigned to the Subscriber Mailbox is called the subscriber’s extension. When an extension user accesses their voice mail, they are using their Subscriber Mailbox. It provides the IntraMail voice messaging services. For a brief overview of the features available at a Subscriber Mailbox, review the Other Related Features below. Then, go to the individual feature to find out how it operates and any programming required to make it work.

IntraMail automatically assigns a mailbox to each extension in the number plan. In DSX-80/160, the first 16 (300-315) Subscriber Mailboxes are active. In DSX-40, the first eight (300-307) Subscriber Mailboxes are active.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • DSX-80/160
    • 128 total Subscriber Mailboxes (300-427).
    • The first 16 (300-315) are active.
  • DSX-40
    • 128 total Subscriber Mailboxes (300-427).
    • The first 8 (300-307) are active.

Other Related Features


  • None.

IntraMail Features

  • Auto Erase or Save
    • After a subscriber listens to a message in their Subscriber Mailbox, IntraMail can automatically erase or save the message.
  • Automated Attendant
    • The Automated Attendant can route callers to a Subscriber Mailbox.
  • Conversation Record
    • Enable or disable the Conversation Record beep for the Subscriber Mailbox.
  • Greeting
    • A Subscriber Mailbox user can record a personalized greeting for their mailbox. Callers to the user’s mailbox hear the prerecorded personalized greeting.
  • Listening to Messages
    • Review this feature to learn which features are available to a subscriber while listening to messages.
  • Main Menu
    • The Main Menu provides access to the features available to a Subscriber Mailbox.
  • Make Call
    • To simplify returning outside calls, IntraMail can ask the caller leaving a message to enter their phone number prior to leaving the message. The subscriber can then dial MC to call the person back.
  • Message Listen Mode
    • Set the type of messages a subscriber will listen to when they dial L (5) after logging into their Subscriber Mailbox.
  • Message Notification, Cascading
    • Once activated, Message Notification dials up to 3 telephone numbers to let the user know they have new messages in their Subscriber Mailbox.
  • Message Playback Direction
    • Set the subscriber Mailbox message playback order.
  • Message Record
    • Review this feature to learn which features are available to a subscriber while recording and sending a message.
  • Message Retention
    • Set how long a Subscriber Mailbox will retain saved messages.
  • Message Storage Limit
    • Set the maximum number of messages that can be left in the mailbox.
  • Next Call Routing Mailbox
    • The Next Call Routing Mailbox provides additional dialing options after a caller leaves a message in a Subscriber Mailbox.
  • Park and Page (Automated Attendant Direct to Voice Mail)
    • Auto Attendant Direct to Voice Mail sends Automated Attendant calls directly to a subscriber’s mailbox. Their phone will not ring for calls from the Automated Attendant.
  • Security Code
    • If enabled, a subscriber must enter a security code before logging onto their Subscriber Mailbox.
  • System Administrator
    • A Subscriber Mailbox designated as a System Administrator provides the subscriber with unique system administration capabilities through the SA menu.
  • Unscreened Transfer
    • The Subscriber Mailbox can optionally convert Automated Attendant Screened Transfers to Unscreened Transfers.