Message Retention

Automatically deletes a mailbox’s messages after a preset time.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Message Retention


IntraMail will save a Subscriber Mailbox’s new or saved messages for the Message Retention interval and then delete them. You’ll find Message Retention to be an invaluable tool for managing IntraMail voice message storage space. If subscribers are letting old, unwanted messages build up in their mailboxes, shorten the Message Retention time. Be sure to let the subscribers know how long IntraMail will retain their messages. By default, IntraMail retains all messages indefinitely.

IntraMail performs its Message Retention deletions at 1:00AM on the day following the day the message was marked for deletion. For example, if the mailbox has 1 day Message Retention, any messages left on Wednesday are deleted at 1:00AM on Friday.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Message Retention is indefinite.

Other Related Features


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IntraMail Features

  • Erasing All Messages
    • The System Administrator can delete all messages in a Subscriber Mailbox.
  • Message Delete
    • A Subscriber Mailbox user can delete any messages left in their mailbox.