Erasing All Messages

Lets the System Administrator delete mailbox messages system-wide.
User Operation
Erasing All Messages


The System Administrator can delete all messages in a Subscriber Mailbox. Erasing All Messages is an administrator’s maintenance tool. The administrator may need to use this tool if an employee has left the company or has an excessive number of messages stored in their mailbox. By deleting the unwanted messages, the administrator can prevent the IntraMail recording capacity from being reached (which would disable many of the IntraMail messaging features).

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Enabled.

Other Related Features


  • None

IntraMail Features

  • Message Delete
    • A Subscriber Mailbox user can delete any messages left in their mailbox.
  • System Administrator
    • Only the System Administrator can delete messages in a co-worker’s mailbox.