Main Menu

Provides options to an extension user when they log onto their mailbox.


After a Subscriber Mailbox user logs into their mailbox, IntraMail provides them with the Main Menu of options. The Main Menu provides quick access to the most commonly used mailbox features in a central location. It includes listening and recording options, as well as additional selections for recording mailbox names and greetings. The chart below summarizes these options.

Mailbox Main Menu
[Super Display Soft Key] - [Keyset Soft Key]

Option Description

L (5)
[Listen] - [Lstn]

Listen to messages. See Listening to Messages.

RS (77)
[Record] - [Rec]

Record and send a message. See Message Record.

G (4)
[Greeting] - [Greet]

Record a mailbox greeting. See Greeting.

RN (76)
[Name] - [N/A]

Record a mailbox name. See Mailbox Name.
[Message List] - [N/A]> Select the active Message List. See Message Listen Mode.

1N (16)
[Message List + New Messages] - [N/A]

Select the New Message List. See Message Listen Mode.

1S (17)
[Message List + Saved Messages] - [N/A]

Select the Saved Message List. See Message Listen Mode.

1A (12)
[Message List + All Messages] - [N/A]

Select the All Message List. See Message Listen Mode.

OP (67)
[MBOX Options] - [N/A]

Use the Mailbox Options. See the following:

SA (72)
[System Admin] - [N/A]

Access the System Administrator options. See System Administrator.
TI (84) Check the current time and date. See Time and Date Stamp.

X (9)
[Exit] - [Exit]

Exit your mailbox. See Exiting a Mailbox.
To hear the complete Main Menu of options, dial 0 while in the Main Menu.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Enabled.

Other Related Features

  • See the Mailbox Main Menu chart above.