Time and Date Stamp

A mailbox user can listen to a message and dial a code to hear the time the message was sent, as well as the caller’s number.
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Time and Date
Auto Time Stamp
Time and Date with Voice Mail
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Programming Time and Date


While listening to a message, a Subscriber Mailbox user can dial TI to hear the Time and Date the message was left. This is a handy option while reviewing messages. The subscriber can just dial a code to find out when the message arrived.

Time and Date Stamp with Caller ID

With caller ID installed, a mailbox user can dial TI while listening to a message from an outside caller to hear the time the message was sent, as well as the caller’s number. This capability is always available for messages left by an Intercom caller.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Enabled.

Other Related Features


  • Caller ID
    • With Caller ID installed and programmed, the Time and Date Stamp for outside calls also includes the caller’s number.
  • Time and Date
    • You can set the system Time and Date from the telephone system programming or using the User-Programmable Features.

IntraMail Features

  • Auto Time Stamp
    • After a user listens to a message, IntraMail can optionally announce the time and date the message was left.
  • Listening to Messages
    • Turn to this feature for additional listening options.