Time and Date with Voice Mail

Set the system time and date.
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Time and Date
Auto Time Stamp
Time and Date Stamp
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Programming Time and Date


Since IntraMail is completely integrated with the telephone system software, the IntraMail time and date is the same as the phone system time and date. Since time and date is used on telephone displays and with the Auto Time Stamp and Time and Date Stamp features, be sure to set it accurately. To change the time and date, use either the system programmable options or the User Programmable features. See Programming below. The Time and Date is retained if the telephone system power should fail or the system resets.

In addition, a Subscriber Mailbox user can hear the time and date when they call their mailbox.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • N/A

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IntraMail Features

  • Auto Time Stamp
    • After a user listens to a message, IntraMail can optionally announce the time and date the message was left.
  • Time and Date Stamp
    • An extension can listen to a message and dial TI to hear the time the message was sent.