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The Time and Date shows on telephone displays and prints on system reports.
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Time and Date


The system Time and Date appears on display telephones and Station Message Detail Recording reports. The system administrator can change the time and date from the system programming mode. In addition, extension users can change the time and date from the User Programmable Features. Although the data is entered in 24-hour format, it always displays in 12-hour format (e.g., 1300 = 1:00PM).

Automatic Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

The system can automatically adjust the time for Daylight Saving Time. If enabled, the system will automatically set the time back 1 hour at 2:00 AM on the first Sunday in November and set the time forward 1 hour at 2:00 AM on the second Sunday in March. If disabled, this adjustment will not occur.

Internet Time Service

Internet Time Service allows the DSX to use a server on the internet as its time source. The system is compatible with Time Protocol (RFC-868) which by default is provided by the NIST server at time-a.nist.gov. For more on Time Protocol and RFC-868, visit the NIST web site at http://tf.nist.gov/service/its.htm.

Internet Time Service requires that the DSX have access to the internet on TCP port 37. Be aware that opening ports in the site router to the internet may pose a security risk . If you are not familiar with the installation of network equipment and security, please contact a professional. It is not recommended that you connect the DSX directly to the internet.

The DSX system uses Internet Time Service (RFC-868). The system does not use Network Time Protocol (RFC-1305) or Simple Network Time Protocol (RFC-2030). If you must change the time server for the system from its default setting, be sure the server you choose is compatible with Internet Time Service (RFC-868).

Time Synchronization from the System Administrator

While connected, you can use the System Administrator to synchronize the system with either the PC time or Internet Time Service.

Conditions and Defaults


  • The system retains the time and date after a system reset or short term power failure.

Default Setting

  • The automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment is enabled.
  • Internet Time Service is disabled.
  • The default time zone is Eastern.

Release Notes (System)

Date Entry Issues Corrected

[3.09] Various Menu + Admin + Date (Menu + 02) entry issues are corrected in this software.

Reference: A091013009

Dialing #TD To Set the Date and Time Not Supported

[3.05] If an extension has access level 4 or 5, dialing #TD accesses the Menu + Admin + Time (Menu + 01) sub-menu. In prior version 3 releases, dialing #TD was not supported.

Reference: A090811002

Time Entry Issues Corrected

[3.09] Various Menu + Admin + Time (Menu + 01) entry issues are corrected in this software.

Reference: A091013008

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