Programming a Subscriber Mailbox

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Subscriber Mailbox

Setting Up the Subscriber Mailbox Basics

Subscriber Mailbox Basic Options

  1. 2141-01: Station Mailbox Type Stations: Config: IntraMail: Mailbox Type (2141): Mailbox Type]
    Use this option to set the extension’s mailbox type. The mailbox can be either a Personal Subscriber Mailbox (assigned just to the extension) or a Group Mailbox (shared by all members of the extension’s Ring Group).
    • An extension’s mailbox is not accessible when it is disabled (even though its stored messages and configuration are retained in memory).
    • For more on shared mailboxes, see Group Mailbox
    Option Description
    0 None.
    1 Personal.
    2 Group.
      [Default] for DSX-80/160
    • 128 total Subscriber Mailboxes (300-427).
    • The first 16 (300-315) are active.
      [Default] for DSX-40
    • 128 total Subscriber Mailboxes (300-427).
    • The first 8 (300-307) are active.
  2. 2143-04: Message Waiting Lamp Stations: Config: IntraMail: Options (2143): Update Message Waiting Lamp]
    For proper operation of a Subscriber Mailbox for an installed extension, check this option to be sure the Message Waiting Lamp is enabled.
    Option Description
    No (0) Disabled.
    Yes (1) [Default] Enabled.