Message On Hold

A prerecorded message can play to callers while they wait on Hold.
  • In software versions 3.01 and higher, the Message on Hold is built-in and does not require IntraMail.
  • If IntraMail is not installed, the Message on Hold is limited to 120 seconds.
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Music on Hold
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Programming Message On Hold
User Operation
Message On Hold


Message On Hold allows the System Administrator to record a message that will play to callers while they wait on Hold. For example, you can record a message summarizing available services or hours of operation. This message will play to callers as soon as you put them on Hold, and continually repeat as long as they remain on Hold. Message On Hold recording is only available from the System Administrator’s Mailbox. IntraMail provides a single Message On Hold. Any number of callers can simultaneously listen to the Message On Hold recording.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Disabled.

Other Related Features


  • Music on Hold
    • Message On Hold is an alternative to the telephone system’s Music On Hold.

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