Programming Message On Hold

Additional Feature Information
Message On Hold

Setting Up Message On Hold

Set the Message On Hold Basics

  1. 3103-05: Music On Hold Source [Lines: Config: Setup: Settings (3103): Music On Hold Source]
    For each line that should use the Message On Hold, use 5 as the Music On Hold music source.
    Option Description
    0 None.
    1 [Default] Audio input 1 (minijack 1).
    2 Audio input 2 (minijack 2).
    3 Internal tone 1.
    4 Internal tone 2.
    5 IntraMail Message On Hold.
    6 Audio input 3 (from 2PGDAD Module).
    7 Audio input 4 (from 2PGDAD Module).
    8 Audio input 5 (from 2PGDAD Module).
    9 Audio input 6 (from 2PGDAD Module).
  2. 4201-01: Outgoing Message Length [Voice Mail: IntraMail: Config: Messages (4201): OGM Message Length]
    Optionally set the Outgoing Message Length (which also sets the length of the Message On Hold).
    Option Description
    1-4095 Seconds. [Default] = 120 seconds.