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Feature Keys simplify feature operation.
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Feature Keys


Each keyset has Feature Keys. These Feature Keys simplify placing calls, answering calls and using certain features. You can customize the function of any keyset’s Feature Keys from the system program and the User Programmable Features.

The 22-Button Standard and Display Telephones have 12 Feature Keys.
The 34-Button Display Telephone has 24 Feature Keys.
The 34-Button Super Display Telephone also has 24 Feature Keys.

You can assign the following types of Feature Keys to an extension.
Account Code Intercom Directory Dialing Park Orbit
Call Coverage (immediate, delayed or no ring) Line keys Reverse Voice Over
Call Forwarding Message Center Save Number Dialed
Call Timer Loop Key, Fixed Speed Dial, Personal
Group Call Pickup (immediate, delayed or no ring) Loop Key, Switched Speed Dial, System
Headset key Night key Split
Hotline Page Zones Voice Mail Conversation Record
Intercom Flash
Intercom Queue Skip Ahead Manual Activation Mode

Conditions and Defaults


  • If you unplug a 34-button telephone and replace it with a 22-button telephone, Feature Keys 13-24 are inaccessible. However, the system still retains the programming for those keys.

Default Setting

  • In DSX-80/160, keys 1-12 are line keys for lines 1-12 and keys 13-24 are undefined.
  • In DSX-40, keys 1-8 are line keys for lines 1-8 and keys 9-24 are undefined.

Release Notes (System)

Back Key Changed to Cancel for Additional Data

[3.05] For consistency with the keyset, the Super Display Back key is changed to Cancel when programming additional data.

Reference: A090805001

Entering 0 For Key Number Resets System

[3.05] In prior version 3 releases, inadvertently entering 0 as the key number when setting up Feature Keys would reset the system. This would occur while using Menu + Key Assignment + Feature Keys (Menu + 51) or using the #KP legacy method. The reset is now corrected.

Reference: A090903003

Feature Key User Programming Restricted

[3.00.32] A keyset with access level 3, 4, or 5 allows the user to set up their Feature Keys in the Menu + Key Assignments sub-menu. In prior versions, this capability was restricted to keysets with access levels 4 and 5 only.

Reference: A090508002

Missing Back Key in Super Display Menus

[3.09] In prior Version 3 releases, the Back soft key was missing after the following sequence:
  • Menu + Key Assignment + Feature Keys + Select + Select + Cancel.

This is now corrected.

Reference: A090924011

Numerous Feature Key Data Entry Issues

[3.00.32] [3.01] Numerous Feature Key data entry issues are corrected in the Menu + 50 sub-menu on the display keyset and the Menu + Key Assignment sub-menu on the Super Display keyset.

Reference: A090410005

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