Call Timer

Call Timer helps users that must keep track of their time on the phone.
  • Enabling the Call Timer without a Feature Key is available in software versions 3.01 or higher.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Call Timer
User Operation
Call Timer


Call Timer lets a keyset user with a Call Timer key time their outside calls on the telephone display. There are two types of Call Timer keys:
  • Manual Call Timer
    • Any time while placing a call or while on a call, a display keyset user can press their Manual Call Timer key to start the Call Timer. The Call Timer will continue until the user hangs up or presses their Manual Call Timer key again.
  • Automatic Call Timer
    • In addition to the features of the Manual Call Timer key, the Automatic Call Timer key provides automatic timing for outside calls. When a display keyset with an Automatic Call Timer key places or answers an out- side call, the Call Timer automatically starts when that outside call connects. The Automatic Call Timer does not automatically start for Intercom calls. The Automatic Call Timer can also work like a Manual Call Timer key. There is no need to have a Manual and Automatic Call Timer key on the same phone.
The Call Timer feature also provides:
  • Review of Previously Timed Call
    • Any time after hanging up from a timed call, a display keyset user can press their Manual or Automatic Call Timer key to review the duration of that call.
  • Timer Reset for Current Call
    • While the display keyset user is timing their call, they can press CLEAR at any time to reset the Call Timer to 00:00:00.
  • Automatic Timer Stop
    • The system assigns the Call Timer to the active call. When the user terminates the active call, the Call Timer automatically shuts down.
  • Wrap-up Timer Display
    • After hanging up a timed call, a display keyset will show the Call Timer data for 6 seconds before returning the display to idle. This gives the extension user adequate time to make a record of the timed call, if desired.

Call Timer Without a Key

[3.01] An extension user can enable the Call Timer display from their soft keys, without having to set up a Call Timer key. The soft keys also allow the user to check the duration of the previously timed call. Optionally, the administrator can enable the Call Timer display for an extension in system programming. A change made to the option in programming overrides the soft key setting and vice-versa.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None

Default Setting

  • No Call Timer keys assigned.

Release Notes (System)

Incoming Call Restarts the Call Timer

[3.09] This software version corrects a problem where the Caller ID from a new call would restart the Call Timer for the current call. The new call Caller ID would briefly display and the timer for the current call would restart from 0. In this new software, the caller ID will display until the call is answered or the outside caller hangs up. The Call Timer will then display again showing the correct duration.

Reference: A091009003

Soft Key Cleanup

[3.00.32] On the display keyset, the soft key positioning is cleaned up in the Menu + 33 + Select sub-menu.

Reference: A090424001

Timer Key Programming Improved

[3.02] When programming a Call Timer key in Menu + Key Assignment + Feature Keys (Menu + 51), the << and >> soft keys let the user choose between Automatic and Manual timer function. This was not available in prior version 3 releases.

Reference: A090724001

Timer Value Disappears After Hold Recall

[3.09] If an extension user with Auto Call Timer enabled puts an outside call on Hold, and lets the call recall, the timer will restart if they answer the recall. If there is Caller ID for the call, the name will show on the second line of the display. In prior versions, the timer value would disappear from the first line of the display after the call recalling from Hold was answered.

Reference: A090113003

Other Related Features


  • Caller ID
    • The Auto Timer feature interacts with Caller ID on the first line of the telephone display.
  • Central Office Calls, Placing
    • Call Timer shows the time a user has been on an outside call.
  • Flash
    • Flash restarts the Call Timer.
  • Hold
    • A user’s Call Timer starts when they pick up a call from Hold. If they place the call on Hold and another user picks it up, the timer restarts for the new user.
  • Station Message Detail Recording
    • The SMDR report also keeps track of the time on a call.

IntraMail Features

  • None.