Tandem Calls / Unsupervised Conference

Join two callers in Conference, leave the call and let their conversation continue.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Tandem Calls / Unsupervised Conference
User Operation
Tandem Calls / Unsupervised Conference


Tandem Calls allows an extension user to join two outside callers in a line-to-line conference. The extension user can then drop out of the call, leaving the lines in an Unsupervised Conference. The extension user that established the Conference is not part of the conversation. The Conference continues until either outside party hangs up.

Tandem Calls uses a Conference circuit. The following table shows the system’s Conference capacities:

Description Capacity
Conference circuits 32
Maximum simultaneous users in Conference (total of all Conferences system-wide) 32
Maximum simultaneous conferences 8
Maximum parties in any one Conference (lines and/or extensions) 8

The system’s 32 Conference circuits are dynamically allocated as users request them.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Tandem Calls are disabled.

Other Related Features


  • Forced Line Disconnect
    • An extension user can end an Unsupervised Conference by using Forced Line Disconnect on one of the lines in the tandem call.
  • Single Line Telephones
    • Tandem Calling is available at Single Line extensions.
The following features also allow different types of multiple party calls:

IntraMail Features

  • None.