Privacy Release Groups

Quickly join in a co-worker’s outside call.
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Privacy Release Groups


You can program extensions into Privacy Release Groups to simplify sharing outside calls. Co-workers in the same Privacy Release Group can easily join another group member’s outside call just by pressing the busy line key. The co-worker immediately joins in unannounced and uninvited. Privacy Release Groups are a quick alternative to Conference where control over the Conference is not required. In a Customer Service group, for example, a supervisor could just press a busy line key to monitor any agent’s call.

If desired, an extension user can prevent other members of their Privacy Release Group from interrupting their active call. This ensures that group members will not interrupt confidential calls.

Any number of extensions can be in the same Privacy Release Group. However, an extension can only be in a single group. Members of the Group must have line keys and access to the lines they want to share.

Privacy Release Groups utilizes a Conference circuit. The following table shows the Conference capacities:
Description Capacity
Conference circuits 32
Maximum simultaneous users in Conference (total of all Conferences system-wide) 32
Maximum simultaneous conferences 8
Maximum parties in any one Conference (lines and/or extensions) 8

The system’s 32 Conference circuits are dynamically allocated as users request them.

Privacy Release Guard Timer

The system provides a guard timer that prevents an extension user from inadvertently placing a Privacy Release Conference on Hold. When an extension user with privacy released presses a line key to join a Conference, the system starts a 3 second guard timer. During this interval, if the initial extension on the call presses HOLD, they will drop out of the 3-party call. This prevents an extension user, who is trying to extend a call to a co-worker, from inadvertently putting a Privacy Release Conference on Hold by pressing HOLD.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • No Privacy Release groups assigned.

Release Notes (System)

Privacy Release Groups Not Working On IP Extensions

[3.02] Privacy Release now functions normally for IP extensions. In prior version 3 releases, the IP extension user would not hear any audio when the pressed a line key to join a conversation on a Privacy Released line.

Reference: A090729003

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