Programming Unique Prime Line/Privacy Release Groups Feature

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Setting Up Unique Prime Line/Privacy Release Operation

1. Set up a line key as your Prime Line Key.

  1. 2114-01: Prime Line Type [Stations: Config: Options: OffHook (2114): Prime Line (Primary): Type]
    Enter 1 for Prime Line Type key.
    This option is not available to single line telephones.
    Option Description
    0 None.
    1 [Default] Key.
    2 Line.
    3 Line Group.
  2. 2114-01: Prime Line Key Stations: Config: Options: OffHook (2114): Prime Line: Key]
    Enter the number of a line key (1-24).
    Option Description
    00 [Default] Intercom Prime Line.
    1-24 Prime Line keys 1-24.

2. Put extensions in the same Privacy Release Group.

  1. 2113-04: Privacy Group Stations: Config: Options: Groups (2113): Privacy Group]
    Use this option to assign extensions to a Privacy Release Group (1-16)
    Make sure the group members have line keys for the lines they want to share.
    Option Description
    0 [Default] Unassigned.
    1-16 Privacy Release Groups 1-16.
  2. 2131-[01-64]: Line Access Stations: Config: Line Access: Line Access (2131): Line Access]
    Assign a access to the lines that the Privacy Release Group members should share.
    Option Description
    0 No access.
    1 Incoming access only.
    2 Outgoing access only.
    3 [Default] Full access.

3. If user lifts handset while their Prime Line is busy, they will join the call.