Barge In (Intrusion)

In an emergency, use Barge In to get through to a co-worker right away.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Barge In (Intrusion)
User Operation
Barge In (Intrusion)


Barge In permits an extension user to break into another extension user’s established call. This sets up a three-way conversation between the intruding extension and the two parties on the initial call. The user can Barge In on an Intercom call or outside call.

Unauthorized intrusion on calls using this feature may be interpreted as an invasion of privacy.

Conditions and Defaults


  • Barge In uses a system Conference circuit. See Conference for more.

Default Setting

  • Disabled

Other Related Features


  • Attendant Position
    • Since the attendant is never busy, Intercom callers cannot Barge In on an attendant.
  • Conference
    • An extension user can Barge In on a Conference.
  • Forced Line Disconnect
    • As an alternative to Barging In, disconnect the line instead.
  • Privacy
    • Privacy blocks Barge In attempts.

IntraMail Features

  • None