Forced Line Disconnect

Disconnect a co-worker’s outside call in an emergency.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Forced Line Disconnect
User Operation
Forced Line Disconnect


Forced Line Disconnect allows an extension user to disconnect (release) another extension’s active outside call. Forced Line Disconnect lets a user access a busy line in an emergency, when no other lines are available. Maintenance technicians can also use Forced Line Disconnect to release a line on which there is no conversation. This can happen if a line does not properly disconnect when the outside party hangs up.

Forced Line Disconnect abruptly terminates the active call on the line. Only use this feature in an emergency and when no other lines are available.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Enabled for attendants (COS 1). Disabled for all other extensions (COS 2-15).

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