Barge In (Intrusion)

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Barge In (Intrusion)
Programming for this Feature
Programming Barge In (Intrusion)

Using Barge In

  • Caution: Unauthorized intrusion on calls using this feature may be interpreted as an invasion of privacy.

To Barge In on a call:

  1. Place one of the following types of call:
    • Call busy extension.
    • Press line key for busy line.
    • Press INTERCOM and dial 101 for busy line (i.e., using Direct Line Access).
    • Press INTERCOM and dial #901 for busy line (i.e., using Line Dial-up).
    • Press INTERCOM and dial Line Group access code (e.g., 9).
  2. Push Barge In (Barge) or dial 4.
    • You hear two beeps.
  3. Join the call in progress.