Meet-Me Conference

Set up a multiple-party telephone conversation with your co-workers.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Meet-Me Conference
User Operation
Meet-Me Conference


With Meet-Me Conference, an extension user can set up a telephone meeting with their co-workers. Each party joins the Conference by dialing a Meet Me Conference code. Meet-Me Conference lets extension users have a telephone meeting — without leaving the office. Users must join the meeting within the Meet-Me Conference interval.

The system has two Meet-Me Conference codes (#11 and #12). After a Meet-Me Conference is set up and the Meet-Me Conference interval expires, the code used becomes available for a new meeting. Since Meet-Me Conference is a type of Conference, the system’s Conference capacity determines:
  • The number of users that can join a Meet-Me Conference, and
  • The number of simultaneous conferences.
The following table shows the Conference capacities:
Description Capacity
Conference circuits 32
Maximum simultaneous users in Conference (total of all Conferences system-wide) 32
Maximum simultaneous conferences 8
Maximum parties in any one Conference (lines and/or extensions) 8

The system’s 32 Conference circuits are dynamically allocated as users request them.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Meet-Me Conference enabled.

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