Monitor / Silent Monitor

Monitor a co-worker’s phone conversation without them knowing you are on the phone.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Monitor / Silent Monitor
User Operation
Monitor / Silent Monitor


Monitor lets an extension user listen to the conversation at a busy extension. To implement Monitor, an extension user just calls a busy extension and dials the Monitor code. The busy extension and their caller have no indication of the intrusion. There are no tones heard and there is no visual indication that monitoring is occurring. For example, Monitor could help the supervisor of a service department. The department supervisor could listen to the questions that callers ask without disturbing the service call.

Monitor provides no warning tones prior to intrusion. Monitor may be interpreted as an invasion of privacy.

Conditions and Defaults


  • Monitor uses a system Conference circuit. See Conference for more.

Default Setting

  • Disabled

Release Notes (System)

Silent Monitor Disabled at IP Keysets

[3.01] This software version enables Silent Monitor (if set up in programing) at IP keysets. Silent Monitor at IP Keysets was not functioning in prior versions.

Reference: A090709004

Other Related Features


  • Attendant Position
    • Since the attendant is never busy, Intercom callers cannot Monitor an attendant.
  • Conference
    • An extension user cannot Monitor a Conference.
  • Privacy
    • Privacy blocks Monitor attempts.

IntraMail Features

  • None.