Modem, Built-In

Remotely program a system using the DSX built-in modem, the System Administrator, and the modem in your PC.
Programming for this Feature
Enabling the Built-In Modem


The DSX built-in modem lets you use the System Administrator and the modem in your PC to remotely pro- gram a system. With the built-in modem, you can securely and economically maintain and customize your installed systems without leaving your office. The DSX built-in modem is software-based and no additional equipment at the remote site is required. The modem meets the V.32bis modem standard and employs V.42 error correction for effective speeds approaching 14.4K bps.

To remotely program a DSX system:
  1. Start the System Administrator and select the com port and initialization string for your PC modem.
  2. Dial the modem in the remote system. There are three basic ways to do this.
  3. After your PC modem and the remote modem negotiate and set up, enter the system’s password and use the System Administrator normally to program the system.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • The Built-In modem is enabled and assigned to extension 429.

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