Enabling the Built-In Modem

Additional Feature Information
Modem, Built-In

Setting Up the Built-In Modem

To enable the modem and set its extension number:

  1. 1102-01: Modem Enabled [System: Config: Communication: Modem (1102): Enabled]
    Use this option to enable or disable the DSX built-in soft modem.
    Option Description
    No (0) Disabled.
    Yes (1) [Default] Enabled.
  2. 1316-01: Internal Modem Extension Number [System: Numbering: Modem: Assignments(1316): Extension]
    Use this option to specify the Built-In Modem extension number. A call routed to this extension number is answered by the Built-In Modem.
    Option Description
    Digits Extension number. [Default] = 429.