PC Program (System Administrator)

Use your PC or laptop to program the system remotely or while on-site.


The System Administrator is a WindowsTM-based application you can use for programming the telephone system and maintaining site databases, instead of using the conventional telephone programming. The System Administrator provides:
  • On-Line Programming (Direct Connection)
    • With the PC connected to the telephone system’s USB port, Ethernet port, or Built-In Modem you can make immediate changes to the telephone system programming. While connected, the System Administrator also allows you to save your new data to a file on the PC hard disk, or upload a “template” database from your PC to the system.
  • Remote Programming
    • Using an IP or modem connection between your PC and the remote system, you can customize a customer’s system without leaving your office.
  • Off-Line Programming
    • With Off-Line Programming, the System Administrator allows you to set up a database on your PC off line, connect to the telephone system, and upload the entire custom configuration.
  • Database Save and Restore
    • Use the System Administrator to save a site’s data to your PC hard disk. You can easily restore the saved data later on, if required.
  • IntraMail Backup and Restore Utility
    • The IntraMail Utility allows you to use the System Administrator to back up IntraMail messages to your PC hard drive. Once backed up, you can also use this utility to restore the saved messages.
  • IntraMail Import Utility
    • The IntraMail Import Utility is the part of the IntraMail Utility that allows you to import custom-recorded wav files for use to use for your outgoing messages (e.g., Greetings, Instruction Menus, etc.).
  • Address Book
    • Use the Address Book to store contact and connection information for each site that you administer. You can connect to a site right from an Address Book entry. Additionally, you can export your Address Book to an Excel spreadsheet, and then import that spreadsheet back into the Address Book if you make off-line changes.
The System Administrator has the following requirements:
  • Operating System: Windows XP Pro or higher
  • Video resolution: 1024x768 or higher
  • Processor speed: 1 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 256 Mbytes or greater

Conditions and Defaults


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Default Setting

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Release Notes (System)

Premature Connection Disables ESIU Card Firmware Download

[3.05] In prior version 3 releases, the ESUI cards could become disabled after update if the System Administrator connected to the system before the ESIU firmware had completed downloading. The ESIU cards would not be operational until the System Administrator disconnected.

This is now corrected. The system prevents the System Administrator from connecting until after the ESIU firmware is complete.

Reference: A090818001

Release Notes (Admin)

Backup and Restore to CompactFlash Not Working

[3.00S] Online: Utilities: CF Backup and CF Restore are now fully functional. These utilities did not work in version 3.00Q.

Reference: A090411005

Database Restore Fails At 99%

[3.00S] A condition is fixed in System Administrator 3.00S that could cause Database Restore in version 3.00Q to fail at 99%.

Reference: A090411002

Retrieve All Download May Fail

[3.00S] System Administrator 3.00S corrects the following problem which would the Retrieve (download all data) operation to fail:
  • Connect to the system and allow the initial data to download.
  • Edit Schedule 1 Entry 1 and send the data to the system.
  • Click the Retrieve arrow on the tool bar. Nothing happens.

Reference: A090404003

Duplicate Address Book Edit Buttons

[3.00S] System Administrator 3.00S corrects a condition in which it was possible for the Address Book to display two Edit buttons.

Reference: A090508003

Other Related Features

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