Email from Intercom Caller with Programmed Name

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Message Left from Extension with Programmed Name

When a voice message is left from an extension with a programmed name, Outlook 2007 shows the following:

  • From - The programmed name for the extension that left the message.
  • Subject - The text “Voice Message from” followed by the extension name, followed by the message duration.
  • Received - The date and time the message was received.
  • Size - The message size, which includes the size of the wav file attachment.
Message Body
  • From - The name programmed for the extension that left the message, followed by the programmed Reply To information.
  • Sent - The date and time the message was sent from the installation site’s SMTP email server.
  • Subject - The same subject information shown in the inbox.
  • Message - The wav file attachment name and the attachment size. In the example below,
    • UBSD Sales Support is the name of the extension that left the message.
    • 07-16-07 is the date the message was left.
    • 16h16 is the time the attachment was created (e.g., 4:16 PM).
  • Body text - Includes the date and time the voice message was received and the message length.