Collecting Email Integration Data

Additional Feature Information
Email Integration
The Message Sender (From) Field
Email from Intercom Caller with Programmed Name
Email from Intercom Caller without Programmed Name
Email from Outside Caller with Caller ID
Email from Outside Caller without Caller ID
SMS Text Message Delivery to a Cell Phone

DSX System’s Email Account Information

In order for the installation site’s DSX system to send email notifications, it must have a valid SMTP email account assigned. To save time during programming, use the following table to help collect the system’s email account information. The email account provider can supply this information.

Email Account Information
Item Description System's Email Account Data
SMTP Email Account The email account that will handle notifications sent from the DSX system (e.g.,  
SMTP Server Name The SMTP server (email provider) that will handle email for the SMTP email account. The SMTP server name is typically similar to  
SMTP Port Number The port the SMTP server uses for SMTP delivery.  
SMTP Encryption Determines whether or not the SMTP server accepts plain text (unencrypted) or encrypted email (Yes or No).  
SMTP Authentication Enter Yes if the SMTP server requires the SMTP Email Account’s user name and password each time the system logs on. Otherwise, enter No.  
SMTP User Name In the SMTP Email Account, this is normally the your- name portion of  
SMTP Password This is the password for the account specified in SMTP Email Account above.  
Email Reply To If a notification recipient replies to a notification email, this is the address to which the reply is sent.