Extension Locking

When they leave the office, a keyset user can secure their phone to prevent unauthorized use.
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Extension Locking allows a keyset extension user to secure their phone when they leave the office. The user may want to do this if their phone has Toll Restriction and Class of Service options enabled that could be easily abused. While locked, the restrictions set up in Class of Service 15 and Toll Level 7 are in force at the extension. When the user returns, they just unlock their extension to return it to normal operation.

You’ll need to program the restrictions in Class of Service 15 and Toll Level 7 separately. See the Class of Service and Toll Restriction features for more.

Walking Class of Service and Extension Locking

Walking Class of Service overrides Extension Locking. For example:
  • Extension 301 is permitted by their Class of Service and Toll Restriction to use Paging and place long distance calls.
  • Extension 306 locks their extension. While locked, Class of Service 15 prevents Paging and Toll Level 7 prevents long distance calls. These features are no longer available at extension 306.
  • The extension 301 user goes to extension 306 and implements Walking Class of Service.
  • The extension 301 user can then use 306 to make long distance calls and Page (even though 306 was locked to prevent those features).

Conditions and Defaults


  • An extension with access level 4 or 5 must have a valid PIN code enabled for itself in order to unlock another extension.

Default Setting

  • Extension Locking is disabled in an extension’s Class of Service.
  • There are no PIN codes entered by default. In addition:
    • An extension user can dial INTERCOM + ##6 to enter or change their PIN number.
    • The operator can dial INTERCOM + ##3 to erase a co-worker’s PIN number and unlock their extension.

Release Notes (System)

DND Key Not Flashing

[3.01] Corrections have been made to ensure that DND flashes while an extension is locked. This did not always occur in prior version 3 releases.

Reference: A090428002

Extension Can Lock Up After User Dials ##3

[3.05] In prior version 3 releases if the user of an extension with Access Level 4 or 5 pressed INTERCOM and dialed the legacy code ##3, and they hadn't stored a PIN code, the extension could lock up. This is corrected and INTERCOM + ##3 sends the user to the Menu + Admin + Erase Pin Number (Menu + 04) menu.

Reference: A090812001

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