Programming Extension Locking

Additional Feature Information
Extension Locking

Setting up Extension Locking

1. Enable Extension Locking.

  1. 1412-03: Station Locking [System: Class of Service: Toll Restriction: Toll Restriction (1412): Station Locking]
    Use this option to enable Extension Locking for the extension.
    Option Description
    No (0) [Default] Disabled.
    Yes (1) Enabled.
  2. 2102-01: Class of Service [Stations: Config: Setup: Access (2102): Class of Service]
    Assign Class of Service to extensions.
    Option Description


    Class of Service level 1-15.
    [Default] for extension 300 = 1.
    [Default] for all other extensions = 2.

2. Set the Extension Locking options.

  1. 2102-04: User Programming Access Level [Stations: Config: Setup: Access (2102): Program Level]
    Make sure at least the operator has access level 4 or 5. This allows the operator to erase a co-worker’s PIN number and unlock their extension.
    Option Description
    1-5 Extensions access level. [Default] = 5 for extension 300, 3 for all others.
  2. 2102-05: Station PIN Code [Stations: Config: Setup: Access (2102): PIN Code]
    Assign PIN numbers to extensions.
    Option Description
    Digits PIN number (4 digits required using 0-9, # and *). [Default] = no entry.