Class of Service

Customize features and options for extensions and outside lines.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Class of Service


Class of Service (COS) sets various features and options for extensions and outside lines. The system allows any number of extensions and lines to share the same Class of Service. The Class of Service options are provided by the following programs:
  • 140x-Station Options
    • 1401-Features
    • 1402-Access
    • 1403-Single Line Telephone Options
    • 1404-Caller ID
    • 1405-Distinctive Ringing
    • 1406-Call Forwarding Options
    • 1407-Paging
  • 141x-Line Options
    • 1411-Access
    • 1412-Toll Restrictions

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Extension 300 has Class of Service 1. All other extensions have Class of Service 2.
  • All lines have Class of Service 1.

Other Related Features


  • Attendant Position
    • By default, the system assigns Class of Service 1 to the attendant. This provides the attendant with Barge In, Call Forwarding Off Premise, Direct Line Access, Forced Line Disconnect, Night Service, and Line Queuing (Camp-On) capability.

IntraMail Features

  • None.