Walking Class of Service

An extension user can temporarily use their Toll Restriction and Class of Service options at a co-worker’s phone.
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Walking Class of Service


Walking Class of Service allows an extension user to temporarily implement their Toll Restriction and Class of Service settings at a co-worker’s keyset. This is normally used to override dialing restrictions at a telephone. For example, an executive with an unrestricted phone can walk to any keyset in the building, implement Walking Class of Service, and dial without restriction. After the keyset goes idle, Walking Class of Service remains in effect for 10 seconds. This permits the user to make multiple calls before the keyset returns to its normal restrictions.

Walking Class of Service and Extension Locking

Walking Class of Service overrides Extension Locking. For example:
  • Extension 301 is permitted by their Class of Service and Toll Restriction to use Paging and place long distance calls.
  • Extension 306 locks their extension. While locked, Class of Service 15 prevents Paging and Toll Level 7 prevents long distance calls. These features are no longer available at extension 306.
  • The extension 301 user goes to extension 306 and implements Walking Class of Service.
  • The extension 301 user can then use 306 to make long distance calls and Page (even though 306 was locked to prevent those features).

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Day and Night Walking Class of Service disabled in an extension’s Class of Service.

Release Notes (System)

Class of Service Does Not Restrict Walking Class of Service

[3.09] In prior Version 3 releases, 1412-01: Walking Class of Service (Day) and 1412-02: Walking Class of Service (Night) did not restrict an extension's ability to use Walking Class of Service. This is now corrected.

Reference: A090922001

Other Related Features


Extension Locking
  • Extension Locking and Walking Class of Service share the same PIN code.
Single Line Telephones
  • Walking Class of Service is not available to single line telephone users.
Station Message Detail Recording
  • When an extension user implements Walking Class of Service and places an outside call, the system assigns the SMDR record to the users’s extension. The system does not assign the record to the extension at which the call was placed. For example, if the extension 301 user walks to extension 306, implements Walking Class of Service and dials an outside call, the SMDR record is assigned to extension 301. It is not assigned to extension 306.

IntraMail Features

  • None.