3103-04: Tandem Calls [Lines: Config: Setup: Settings (3103): Tandem Calls]

Use this option to enable or disable Tandem Calls for the line.

Enable Tandem Calls for lines if Off Premises Call Forwarding should be able to route incoming calls to an off-premises location. The originating line (i.e., the line that Off Premises Call Forwarding will reroute) must have this option enabled.

If enabled, the system can forward an incoming over a second line to an off-premise number. If disabled, line-to-line forwarding cannot occur. This option is not required when the system is forwarding Intercom calls off-premises. When this option is disabled (N), the system will immediately route a line ringing an OPX Call Forwarded extension to Key Ring. It will not attempt to reroute the call.

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