Programming that Applies to All Types of Message Notification

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Message Notification, Cascading
How Message Notification Works
Programming for this Feature
Unique Programming for Non-pager Message Notification
Unique Programming for Digital Pager Message Notification
Subscriber Mailbox Cascading Notification Options

Setting the Basic Message Notification Options

Check the Line Group, port restriction, and maximum number of callout attempts.

  1. 4112-01: Outgoing Dial 9 Group [System: Voice Mail: Setup: Off Hook (4112): Dial 9 Group]
    Use this option to specify the dial-9 group for voice mail ports. Whenever a voice mail port dials 9 (which occurs during a Message Notification callout, the system accesses the first available line in the group specified by this option.
    Option Description
    90-98 Line Groups 90-98. [Default] = 90.
    Yes (1) Enabled.
  2. Be sure the following Voice Mail port options do not restrict Message Notification callouts.
  3. 4202-06: Number of Callout Attempts [Voice Mail: IntraMail: Config: Notification (4202): Maximum Attempts]
    [3.01] Use this option to set the maximum number of notification attempts per entry. For example, if this value is 10, the user entry for Busy Attempts or RNA Attempts cannot be greater than 10.
    Option Description
    1-99 Maximum number of callout attempts. [Default] = 99.