QUICK START: Setting up the X-Lite Soft Phone

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X-Lite Soft Phone Setup

Download, install, and set up the X-Lite soft phone.

  1. Download the X-Lite soft phone, available free from CounterPath.
  2. Following the instructions provided with your download, install the X-Lite soft phone.
  3. Launch X-Lite and go to SIP Account Settings.

  4. In the SIP Accounts screen, click Add and set up a new account as shown below (using extension 401 as an example).

  5. Click OK to save the account settings.
  6. In the SIP Accounts screen, make sure the new account is enabled and then close the screen.
  7. As soon as the X-Lite soft phone registers with the system, you are ready to place and answer calls.

    Note that by default the X-Lite will reregister once an hour. To change this setting, see Register Settings in the Advanced tab of the Properties screen.

To enable voice mail for the X-Lite soft phone:

  1. In the SIP Accounts screen, select your account and click Properties.
  2. Click the Voicemail tab.

  3. In the Voicemail options:
    1. Click the Check for voice mail checkbox.
    2. In Number to dial for checking voicemail, enter *8
  4. Click OK to have X-Lite accept your entires, then Close to close the SIP Accounts screen.
  5. When you receive a new voice mail message, you'll see an envelope in the X-Lite screen.