QUICK START: DSX On-Premise IP Keyset

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How to Set Up an On-Premise DSX IP Keyset

1. The Basics

  1. Be sure your LAN has a DHCP server connected and that your DSX system is connected to the LAN.
  2. Assign a fixed IP address to the DSX system.
  3. Follow Installing the DSX IP Adapter and connect your DSX IP keyset to the LAN.
  4. By default for DSX IP extensions:
    1. Extension numbers are 401-428.
    2. All extensions are assigned VoIP Profile 1 (Local LAN).
    3. DHCP is enabled.

Part 2: Telephone System Setup

  1. In 2106-02: Password [Stations: Config: Setup: VoIP: Password], assign a password to the extension number you want to use.
    1. Example: Enter 123456 for extension 401.
  2. At any DSX keyset on the system, press CHECK + DND and make a note of the system's IP address.

Part 3: DSX IP Keyset Setup

  1. When the keyset display shows DHCP Connecting or SIP Server Not Found, press HOLD + CONF and dial * #.
    1. User Name = ADMIN
    2. Password = 632379 (necdsx)
  2. Select 2: SIP Settings to set up the SIP settings for the extension.
    1. Select 1: SIP User + 1: User ID + Enter the IP keyset's extension number (401 in this example) + OK.
    2. Select 2: Password + Enter the password set for the extension in 2106-02: Password (123456 in this example) + OK. In the password entry mode:
      • 1 enters 1 and special characters.
      • 2-9 enters upper case letters and the digits 2-9.
      • 0 enters 0 or a space.
      • * is used with the digits 2-9 to switch between upper and lower case letters or to enable the numeric-only entry mode.
      • # enters *, #, and other special characters.
      • VOLUME keys scroll left and right.
      • Del deletes the character to the left of the cursor.
    3. Select 3: Extension Number and enter the IP keyset's extension number (401 in this example) + OK + Back.
    4. Select 2: Server Address + 1: 1st Server Address + Enter the DSX system's IP address + OK + Back + Back + Save.
  3. The DSX IP Keyset will automatically initialize and connect to the system.