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QUICK START: DSX On-Premise IP Keyset
QUICK START: DSX Off-Premise IP Keyset using VPN
QUICK START: DSX Off-Premise IP Keyset using NAT Traversal
QUICK START: Setting up the X-Lite Soft Phone


IP Keysets on a Managed LAN
  • Installing a modest number of DSX IP keysets on a managed LAN should pose few bandwidth challenges. For example, four IP keysets (80KB worst case per keyset) would only require 320KB available bandwidth. Significant delays in a well-managed LAN are normally minimal.
Remote IP Keysets
  • You should always check the VoIP readiness of the remote site before setting up the remote keyset. The remote IP keyset connects to the host system over the internet and network quality can be inconsistent and inadequate. The VoIP readiness test tools listed below should help you evaluate the capabilities at the remote site. Keep in mind, however, that the public network conditions are highly variable and could change depending on the time of day or day of week. Frequent testing will help ensure uninterrupted and quality service.

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