Using the PGDAD Module for External Paging

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Programming for this Feature
Programming The Paging Basics
Programming External Page Ringing
Programming External Paging Volume
Programming Door Chimes Over External Page
Programming Background Music Over External Page

Setting up a PGDAD Module Audio Port for External Paging

1. Set up the PGDAD Module jumpers and program the ports.

  1. To set the jumpers, see PGDAD Module Jumper Settings.
    Before plugging in the 2PGDAD Module, make sure the channel you are using is set for Audio Input/Output.
    For quickest installation, don't plug the 2PGDAD module into it's digit station port until after programming is complete.
  2. To set the basic programming for the 2PGDAD Module, see Programming 2PGDAD Module Station Ports.
    Program the 2PGDAD Module.
  3. To connect and program the 2PGDAD Module audio ports, see Connecting and Programming 2PGDAD Module Audio Ports.
    Connect a compatible customer-provided paging amplifier into the selected 2PGDAD Module audio port.
  4. To connect to the 2PGDAD Module relays, see PGDAD Module Door Box and Relay Connections.
    Connect a compatible paging amplifier relay into the selected 2PGDAD Module Relay Block.
    • Audio Port 1 (channel 1) uses Relay 1.
    • Audio Port 2 (channel 2) uses Relay 2.

2. Set the PGDAD-specific programs that control the paging options.

  1. To review the basic programming for Paging, see Programming The Paging Basics.
  2. To set up Ringing Over Page, see Programming External Page Ringing.
  3. To set the system output Page volumes, see Programming External Paging Volume.
  4. To enable Door Chimes over External Page, see Programming Door Chimes Over External Page.
  5. To enable Background Music Over External Page, see Programming Background Music Over External Page.

3. Plug the 2PGDAD Module into its assigned digital station (ESIU) port.

  1. Turn on the customer-provided Paging amplifier.
  2. Adjust the volume (gain) settings as required.