Programming 2PGDAD Module Station Ports

Programming for this Feature
Using the PGDAD Module as a Music Source

2PGDAD Module Primary and Secondary Station Port Programming

Setting up the Primary and Secondary Ports

  1. 1202-01: Primary Station Port Assignment [System: Ports: Slot x: Station Port Configuration (1201/1202/1203): Primary]
    The primary station port auto-IDs with the station port and extension number of the port to which it is connected when you plug it in. Do not program this option.
    For example, by default a 2PGDAD Module plugged into station port 3 uses extension number 302. If it is set up for an Analog Door Box, this is the number you dial to call the Analog Door Box.
  2. 1203-01: Secondary Station Port Assignment [System: Ports: Slot x: Station Port Configuration (1201/1202/1203): Secondary]
    Use this option to set up the 2PGDAD Module secondary station port.
    If you are using both channels of the 2PGDAD Module, you'll need to set up the secondary channel.
    Option Description
    0 [Default] No assignment.
    1-128 Choose an available station port for the 2PGDAD Module second channel.
    • In DSX-80/160 ports 97-128 are always available by default.
    • In DSX-40, ports 29-128 are always available by default.
    • For example, if you intend to plug the 2PGDAD Module into station port 3 and choose port 103 for the secondary port, the 2PGDAD Module extension numbers will be 303 and 403.
  3. Plug the 2PGDAD Module into an available ESIU station port.
    The secondary channel will auto-ID with the correct circuit type if you set the jumpers correctly and if you followed the programming steps in order.

  4. 2101-01: Station Type [Stations: Config: Setup: Type (2101): Type]
    You will only need to program the secondary station port if you programmed out of order or the jumpers are incorrectly set.
    After you set the circuit type, unplug and reconnect the 2PGDAD Module to the ESIU port.
    Option Description
    10 Door Box.
    12 Audio input (music source) or audio output (paging).