Dial Tone Detection

You can set up the system to detect CO dial tone.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Dial Tone Detection


The system can optionally detect precise CO dial tone for automatically dialed outside calls (such as Speed Dial and Auto Redial calls). With Dial Tone Detection enabled for a line, the system will monitor the line when initially seized for valid dial tone or stutter dial tone. If valid EIA/TIA dial tone is detected, the system outdials the call on the line. If dial tone is not detected within 2 seconds, the system will try the next available line in the same line to which the initial line belongs. If another line in the group is not available, the user hears busy tone. Dial Tone Detection does not apply to manually dialed outside calls.

If Dial Tone Detection is disabled, the system waits 500mS after line seizure and then outdials the number.

If enabled, Dial Tone Detection applies to the following types of outside calls:
  • Auto Redial (initial line seizure)
  • Caller ID (callbacks)
  • Last Number Redial
  • Call Forwarding Off Premise
  • Save
  • Speed Dial

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Disabled.

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