Auto Redial

Instead of redialing, have Auto Redial periodically retry a busy outside number.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Auto Redial
User Operation
Auto Redial


Auto Redial periodically redials a busy outside number. If a keyset user places an outside call and the call recipient is busy, the user can press a soft key to enable Auto Redial. The keyset user doesn’t have to retry the number, hoping it will go through.

Auto Redial will periodically retry the number up to 15 times. Auto Redial cancels when the called party rings or answers, or when the extension:
  • Places or answers another outside call.
  • Receives an Intercom voice announcement or answers an Intercom call by lifting the handset or pressing SPEAKER.
  • Presses SPEAKER to cancel Auto Redial.
  • Presses any other fixed feature key except MIC.
  • Lifts and replaces the handset.
  • Presses the CANCEL soft key (Super Display only).
For your reference, the following table shows the standard call progress tones.
Call Progress Tones
Description Frequencies Rate
Dial tone 350 Hz + 440 Hz Steady
Reorder (Fast Busy) tone 480 Hz + 620 Hz 250 mS on, 250 mS off (+ 25 mS)
Busy tone 480 Hz + 620 Hz 500 mS on, 500 mS off (+ 50 mS)
Audible ring tone (ring- back) 440 Hz + 880 Hz 800mS to 1.2 sec on, 2.7 sec to 3.3 sec off
Stutter dial tone 350 Hz + 440 Hz 800 mS to 1.2 sec on, 800mS to 1.2 sec off

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Enabled

Other Related Features


  • Last Number Redial
    • Last Number Redial allows an extension user to quickly redial the last outside number dialed.

IntraMail Features

  • None