Auto Redial

Additional Feature Information
Auto Redial

Using Auto Redial

To enable Auto Redial:

  1. Place an outside call and receive busy tone.
  2. Push Auto Redial (Alnd) to enable Auto Redial.
    1. The system enables Auto Redial for the last outside call you dialed.
    2. The display shows the interval between callout attempts (e.g., WAITING (30 SEC)), as well as how many times redial has occurred (e.g., AUTO REDIAL 1 of 15).
    3. SPEAKER winks when your telephone has Auto Redial enabled.
  3. The system periodically redials the call, up to 15 times.
    1. Auto Redial cancels when you:
      • Place or answer another outside call.
      • Receive an Intercom voice announcement or answer an Intercom call by lifting the handset or pressing SPEAKER.
      • Press SPEAKER.
      • Lift and replace the handset.
      • Push CANCEL (Super Display only).
    2. If a Caller ID call rings while Auto Redial is enabled, your display will show the number and optional name of the incoming caller. However, the ringing does not cancel Auto Redial. In addition, the Auto Redial display will be restored after the Caller ID call stops ringing.