Automatic Line Balancing

Improves call quality and Handsfree performance on outside calls over analog lines.
  • Available in software versions 3.01 and higher.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Automatic Line Balancing (ALB)


Automatic Line Balancing (ALB) automatically performs a series of tests on analog lines and selects a preset profile that optimizes the audio quality and Handsfree performance of the line. There are 19 available profiles (0-18) from which the system can choose after testing the line. If Automatic Line Balancing is enabled in programming, the optimization test reoccurs:
  • When the system is powered up or it is reset.
  • A COIU card is installed or reset and the lines associated with the card have Automatic Line Balancing enabled (0).
  • A line returns to service after it has been out of service.
  • If you enable the option in programming. The test runs the next time the line goes idle.

You can also run the Automatic Line Balancing optimization test manually. See How to Manually Run the ALB Test for more.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • Automatic Line Balancing disabled.

Release Notes (System)

Automatic Line Balancing Introduced

[3.01] Automatic Line Balancing is introduced in software version 3.01.

Reference: None

Line Balancing After System Reset Improved

[3.02] The performance of the Automatic Line Balancing that occurs after a system reset is improved in software version 3.02.

Reference: None

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