3103-03: Loop Length [Lines: Config: Setup: Settings (3103): Loop Length]

The Automatic Line Balancing option (0) is available in software versions 3.01 and higher.

Use this option to compensate for a line’s loop length. Use the long option (2) for normal installations. Use the short option (1) only when the system is very close to the central office or behind a PBX. Use the auto option (0) to enable Automatic Line Balancing (ALB). See How to Manually Run the ALB Test below.

Set this option for optimal speakerphone performance.

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Program Options

Option Description
0 Auto (enables Automatic Line Balancing)
1 Short loop length
2 [Default] Long loop length

How to Manually Run the Automatic Line Balancing (ALB) Test

Setting Up Automatic Line Balancing (ALB)
Use this procedure to manually run the Automatic Line Balancing (ALB) test. When the ALB test runs, it automatically measures the performance of the line. selects the best of 19 preset settings, and assigns it to the line. You can run the ALB test manually using this procedure. Additionally, the system runs the test automatically:
  • When the system is powered up or it is reset.
  • A COIU card is installed or reset and the lines associated with the card have Automatic Line Balancing enabled (0).
  • A line returns to service after it has been out of service.
  • If you enable the option in programming. The test runs the next time the line goes idle.
1. Enter 3103-03 + Select the line you want so set up + HOLD.
2. Dial 0 + Hold to choose the Auto mode for the selected line.
  Measured Value: x Enter the ALB test mode. The (x) displays the current Automatic Line Balancing setting for the line.
  • There are 19 available settings (0-18).
  • An asterisk after the setting (e.g., 0*) indicates Automatic Line Balancing is enabled but the ALB test has not yet run.
  Enter Manually start the Automatic Line Balancing test.
  Re-measure? Do one of the following:
  • Dial 0 + HOLD to cancel the test.
  • Dial 1 + HOLD to start the test and remeasure the line. (If you hear a confirmation beep, the test was successful.
  Exit Exit the ALB test mode.