Selectable Display Messaging

While you’re away from the phone, callers can receive personalized text messages you set up.
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Programming Selectable Display Messaging
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Selectable Display Messaging


An extension user can select a preprogrammed Selectable Display Message for their extension. Keyset callers see the selected message when they call the user’s extension. Selectable Display Messaging provides personalized text messaging. For example, an extension user could select the message “GONE FOR THE DAY.” Any keyset user calling the extension would see the message. Other than displaying the message, the system puts the call though normally.

The are 16 Selectable Display Messages (01-16) set up in system programming. Messages 01-09 are preset by default, but can be changed to meet the site requirements. Messages 10-16 are initially undefined. Any message can be appended by the extension user. For example, a user could select message 09 (OUT UNTIL) and append the time they are expected back (e.g., 5:00). The total length of the message plus any user appended entries cannot exceed 18. Selectable Display Messages cannot begin with numbers.

Conditions and Defaults


  • None.

Default Setting

  • See the table above.

Release Notes (System)

Display Corrupt After Reset or Power Cycle

[3.09] If a user sets a Selectable Display Message for their telephone, and the system resets or cycles power, the Selectable Display Message status in the phone display is restored. In prior Version 3 releases, the display would be "scrambled." .

Reference: A090212010

Other Related Features


Call Forwarding
  • Enabling or canceling Call Forwarding cancels an extension’s Selectable Display Messaging.
Removing Lines and Extensions from Service
  • Removing and returning an extension to service does not cancel an extension’s Selectable Display Messaging.
Single Line Telephones
  • SLTs cannot use Selectable Display Messaging.
Speed Dial
  • Personal Speed Dial keys can store the codes that enable Selectable Display Messaging.

IntraMail Features

  • None.