Programming Last Number Redial

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Last Number Redial
Programming for this Feature
Programming Last Number Redial
Programming Outside Line Type, Access, and Ringing
User Operation
Last Number Redial

Setting Up the Last Number Redial Options

Last Number Redial Setup.

  1. 1411-04: Enhanced Last Number Redial [System: Class of Service: Lines: Lines (1411): Enhance LND]
    When this option is enabled, the extension has Enhanced Last Number Redial.
    Option Description
    No (0) Disabled.
    Yes (1) [Default] Enabled.
  2. 2102-01: Class of Service [Stations: Config: Setup: Access (2102): Class of Service]
    Assign Class of Service to extensions.
    Option Description


    Class of Service level 1-15.
    [Default] for extension 300 = 1.
    [Default] for all other extensions = 2.

  3. 2131-[01-64]: Line Access Stations: Config: Line Access: Line Access (2131): Line Access]
    To use Last Number Redial, the extension must have either outgoing only or full access to the line.
    Use this option to set line access for the extension. See Programming Outside Line Type, Access, and Ringing for more.