Programming Line Group Access

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Setting up the Line Access Code Options

Configure the Line Group Access codes.

  1. Decide if you want single digit (dial 9) or 2-digit (90-98) access to outside Line Groups.
  2. 1301-[01-10]: Function Type [System: Numbering: Dialing Plan: Numbering (1301): Function Type]
    Check to be sure the digit 9 is type 3 (Line Group).
    Normally, digit 9 is set at type 3 which is for Line Group access. If you want to use a digit other than 9, you'll need to changed the function type of the digit 9 and assign type 3 to another digit. Be aware, however, that most other digits already have important assignments.
    Option Description
    1 Operator access.
    2 Extension access.
    3 Line Group access. [Default for digit 9.]
  3. 1301-[01-10]: Expected Number of Digits [System: Numbering: Dialing Plan: Numbering (1301): Expected Digits]
    For single digit Line Group Access (dial 9), enter 1.
    For 2-digit Line Group Access (dial 90-98), enter 2.
    You can optionally set up the digit 9 for single digit access and another digit (e.g., 8) for 2-digit access.
    Option Description
    0 2
    1-8 3
    9 1
  4. 2113-01: Dial 9 Group Stations: Config: Options: Groups (2113): Dial 9 Group]
    For single digit Line Group Access, assign the group the extension will reach when the user dials 9.
    Option Description
    90-98 Line Groups 90-98. [Default] = 90.