Changing the Direct Line Access Numbering

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Optionally changing the Direct Line Access numbering from default.

How to change the Direct Line Access codes from 101-164.

  1. 1313-01: Line Extension Number [System: Numbering: Lines: Assignments (1313): Extension]
    This option assigns extension numbers to lines.
    If you want to change the leading digit of the line extension numbers (e.g., from 101 to 801), check the system numbering programs that follow to be sure the digits are correctly assigned.
    Option Description
    101-164 [Default] Line extension numbers for lines 01-64.
  2. 1301-[01-10]: Function Type [System: Numbering: Dialing Plan: Numbering (1301): Function Type]
    Check to be sure the digit you choose is type 2 (extension access).
    Normally, digit 1 is set at type 2 which is for extension access. If you want to use a digit other than 1, you'll need to check the function type of the digit you want to use. Be aware, however, that most other digits already have important assignments.
    Option Description
    1 Operator access.
    2 Extension access.[Default] for digit 1.
    3 Line Group access.
  3. 1301-[01-10]: Expected Number of Digits [System: Numbering: Dialing Plan: Numbering (1301): Expected Digits]
    Make sure the digit you choose for Direct Line Access is set for 3 for 3-digit line extension numbers.
    Option Description
    0 2
    1-8 3
    9 1