9042-01: Restore from CompactFlash [Utilities: Database: Restore from CF]

Use this option to restore the system database previously saved to a CompactFlash Card using 9041-01: Backup to CompactFlash [Utilities: Database: Backup to CF].

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Program Options

Option Description
No (0) Do not restore
Yes (1) Start restore

Using 9042-01: Restore
To restore your DSX system database:
1. Insert your CompactFlash card into the system’s IntraMail CompactFlash Card slot.
  • Use the same CompactFlash Card to which you previously backed up the site data.
2. Access option 9042-01. You see: Restore from CF
3. Press HOLD and do one of the following.
a. Dial 1 (Yes) + HOLD to begin the restore.
  • The system will automatically restart with the restored data loaded.
b. Dial 0 (No) + SPEAKER to abort the restore.