System Programming Backup and Restore

Use a CompactFlash Card to back up and restore the site data.
Programming for this Feature
Programming Backup and Restore


To prevent the loss of essential custom site programming, use a CompactFlash Card plugged into the IntraMail CompactFlash slot to back up the system database. If the need arises, you can restore the system database saved on the card. You can store the system database on the IntraMail CompactFlash Card or on a separate FAT16 or FAT32 formatted CompactFlash card. The entire system database uses about 500 Kbytes Of Compact Flash memory.

Conditions and Defaults


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Default Setting

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Release Notes (System)

Backup Disabled for FAT16 CompactFlash Cards

[3.05] Using customer-provided FAT16 CompactFlash cards for database backup and restore was inadvertently disabled in software versions 3.01 and 3.02. This is now corrected.

Reference: A090820001

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