4224-04: Extension Name Match [Voice Mail: Routing Mailboxes: Routing Mailbox: Directory Options (4224): Name Match]

Use this option to determine which portion of the extension’s programmed name Directory Dialing will use to route the call. The options are 1 (first) or 2 (last). The setting you choose in this option depends on how you set up 1511-01: Name Format [System: Options: Setup: Display (1511): Name Format]. For example:
1511-01: Name Format 4224-04: Extension Name Match Entered Name Directory Dialing Routes by:
1 (first-last) 1 (first) Mary Jones Mary
2 (last) Jones
2 (last-first) 1 (last) Jones
2 (first) Mary

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Option Description
1 First (Default)
2 Last