4202-09: Delay in Dialing Digital Pager Callback Number [Voice Mail: IntraMail: Config: Notification (4202): Pager Dial Delay]

Use this option to set the delay that occurs just before IntraMail dials the Digital Pager Callback Number portion of the Message Notification callout number for a digital pager. Set this delay so the pager service has enough time to connect to the digital pager before sending the callback number. Your pager service may be able to help you determine the best value for this option. When placing a digital pager notification, the system:
The system assumes that the notification number will complete dialing approximately 4 seconds after line seizure. This means that, by default, the Digital Pager Callback Number will be dialed into the pager service about 13 seconds after line seizure.

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0-99 Seconds [Default] - 9